Journalling from Scripture

First of all choose a passage from the Bible. Read it through and jot down some key words. Next choose one or more of your key words and write each one on the centre of a page of your journal. Around each word write other words or phrases that you associate with it. If you think in pictures you may find drawing pictures around the key word more helpful.

Read the passage again. This time jot down any questions that the passage seems to be posing. When you have done this try to write down answers to the questions.
Finally ask yourself "What is God saying to me through this passage?" Record your response in your journal.

Suggested passages:

Exodus 3:1-10 1 Kings 19:11-13 Psalm 23  Jeremiah 31:31-34  Micah 4.1-5  
John 1:1-14  Romans 12:1-8  1 Corinthians 13  1 Peter 2:4-10 Revelation 3:14-22